Dr. A. K. Fazlani

Warm greetings from 'Fazlani Foods Corp'!

Our journey began with a dream to share the rich flavors of authentic Indian Cuisine globally, focusing on Health and Convenience.

With excitement, we unveil 'Food Earth,' a vision for Ready-To-Eat & Cook food, embodying the essence of Natural Living. This brand is a beautiful blend of Organic, Vitality, and Effortlessness, evident across our entire Value Chain.

With 'Food Earth,' we're not just building a brand; we're setting new industry standards. As Healthy Eating becomes integral to Natural Living, 'Food Earth' will be a guiding light.


Iqbal Fazlani

From day one, our focus has been to add ease to your daily life and contribute to a healthier future. We believe prioritizing your convenience is key to creating meaningful products. It's in our DNA to stay ahead, blending technology and team energy to craft unique concepts.

Enter 'Food Earth' – our pioneering venture offering 100% Organic and Conventional Foods. Beyond simplicity and flavor, we're committed to enhancing your well-being by preserving the natural health benefits of every ingredient

Trusted for many years, we now venture into the future of healthy, convenient, ready-to-eat & cook meals with 'Food Earth.'
Join us for an enjoyable culinary journey!